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Whether you’re a small business owner or a multi-location enterprise, we’ve got tailored solutions to meet your payment processing needs. With our commitment to transparency, innovative pricing models, and personalized service, CashWaive is here to help you.

Meet Jim Picarazzi

Your Payment Processing Partner

I’m Jim Picarazzi, the face behind CashWaive. With years of experience in the payment processing industry, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges businesses face when dealing with complicated pricing structures and opaque fees. That’s why I founded CashWaive – to bring clarity, fairness, and savings to merchants of all sizes. At CashWaive, we’re here to take the worry out of payment processing. We offer a variety of pricing models to suit your needs. Choose the Interchange Pass-Through model for utmost transparency, or opt for the Flat Rate pricing to keep things straight forward and easy. If you’re looking to offset card processing costs, our Cash-Discount option gives you the flexibility to offer your customers incentives for using cash. I believe in collaboration and fairness, which is why I’ve designed our programs with you and your customers in mind. With multi-location discounts, franchise programs, and innovative solutions for merchants that work within industries considered “high risk” by major processors, I’m dedicated to ensuring that your success directly translates to your bottom line.


Processing For Businesses Across the U.S. & Selected International Markets

Cashwaive helps businesses by reducing their acceptance of payment fees across the entire payment spectrum. We do this by not only reducing the payment processing fees, but also by mitigating the Interchange expense through Commercial Card Level II / III automation and to ensure the correct SIC/MCC codes are correctly implemented on every account.

Customized programs featuring exclusive pricing, incentives, and solutions for the following merchants

Restaurants and Bars

Liquor Stores ​

Coffee Shops​

E-Commerce ​

Convenience Stores

Brick and Mortar Retail (Big and Small)

Solutions for merchants with:

Low average tickets (Under $30)​

High average ticket merchants (Over $200)

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