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Meet Jim Picarazzi

Owner of CashWaive.

Jim’s journey into the merchant services industry was an unexpected one. Once the owner of a successful tile installation business, he found himself being asked by a friend to join them in their merchant services business with the promises of “residual income for life”. That thought was a welcome one for somebody who was beating up their body daily laying tile.

Jim realized quickly that selling these services wasn’t exactly easy. In fact, he often joked that he could “sell a $20,000 shower with less effort than he could sell a merchant account that paid $30 a month”. Why? 

It didn’t take long for Jim to recognize a pattern among merchant services representatives. He noticed they were essentially selling the same product with little differentiation. Yet, the real challenge lay in the prevailing lack of trust within the industry. Jim’s determination to challenge the status quo and foster trust inspired him to launch his own venture in merchant services.

Driven by a desire to reshape the merchant services landscape, Jim established our company. His mission is simple yet profound: to break down the barriers of skepticism by offering transparent and reliable solutions to merchants everywhere. With his strong foundation in integrity and service, Jim is committed to ushering in a new era of trust and collaboration in the world of merchant services. Jim resides in Safety Harbor, Florida with his wife, Christine, their three children, and their dog, Zane. You can get to know Jim more by following him on his social media pages.

Driven by Impact:

More than just transactions, I want to make a difference and help YOUR business grow.

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I'm not just a merchant services provider – I'm a fellow business owner and a customer. I get it. I understand the challenges you face because I've been there too.

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I’m dedicated to your success and have solutions to support your business every step of the way.

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